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Since the debut of capacitive HMI, Weintek has rolled out models in sizes 10.1", 15", and 15.6" to address market demands. To further expand this product line, Weintek is delighted to announce the release of the new 7" capacitive HMI: cMT3072XP, to complement the current cMT X Series offerings.


Touchscreen Upgrade! High Resolution and Multi-Touch

The cMT3072XP features a sleek design with a 1024x600 high-resolution display that supports 85° all-around wide viewing angle. Its capacitive touch screen makes for intuitive and responsive operation, supporting multi-touch gestures like smartphones. Internally, cMT3072XP is equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU, 4GB Flash memory, and 1GB RAM, plus a full suite of connectivity options that include dual Ethernet ports and all serial connections (RS232 2W/4W, RS485 2W/4W, SIEMENS MPI, CAN Bus). Just like its cMT X peers, cMT3072X’s high-level specs plays an important role in supporting its ability to delivery exceptional user experience.


Brand New Experience! Software Upgrade

Categorized as an Advanced cMT X HMI, the cMT3072XP offers a multitude of software support, especially in capabilities related to data integration and smart monitoring. In terms of data integration, it comes with a built-in OPC UA server, MQTT communication protocol, and SQL database server connectivity to facilitate transmission of on-site data. For smart monitoring, it provides tools such as VNC monitoring, WebView web monitoring, cMT Viewer app monitoring, and Weincloud remote monitoring. With a solid support in software, the cMT3072XP can be a powerful data integration solution, serving on-site and remote operations alike.


Furthermore, the cMT3072XP will be the first to introduce the brand-new system settings user interface. This new interface, redesigned with affording and consistent elements, revamped menu and improved feedbacks, is bound to elevate the user experience significantly. Additionally, the new interface offers two themes, light and dark, providing users with the flexibility to choose one that best suits the surroundings.



Upgrading to 7” Capacitive HMI

For those upgrading, the cMT3072XP uses the same cutout dimension as the existing 7" models, meaning that hardware modification will not be needed. In terms of software, update reports and modification guidelines are provided to ensure a seamless transition.

We believe that the cMT3072XP is competitive enough to meet market expectations given its promising hardware, software, communication, and data integration capabilities. Whether starting out on a new project or planning to replace an old HMI, the cMT3072XP is a great choice for anyone looking for performance and stability enhancement in their systems!



cMT3072XP Spec Highlights 

* Only Tx & Rx (no RTS/CTS) may be used for COM1 RS-232 when COM3 RS-232 is also used.

* CODESYS® is a trademark of CODESYS GmbH.