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Gateway Series
A Bridge that Connects IT and OT.

Easy Data Acquisition
Supports industrial protocols to overcome obstacles in integration between different PLC brands.
Quick Configuration
Configurations are done in a GUI, taking only a few easy steps.
Cost-effective Application
A cost-effective and effortless way to realize an IIoT application.

Get Your Devices Ready for IIoT

Weintek’s Gateways are just what you need when facing the challenge to integrate devices that speak different languages.
Choose a Product Tailored Precisely to Your Needs
cMT-G01 | cMT-G02 | cMT-G03 | cMT-G04
IIoT Gateway

With its data processing capabilities, it serves as a communication bridge for industrial automation and IT systems.
IIoT Communication Bridge

Designed for retrofitting legacy devices with IoT capabilities by functioning as a bridge connecting HMIs and PLCs to seamlessly bring data to the IIoT.
More Features
Compact design and easy installation
Web configuration
SSL/TLS encryption
Event/Alarm notifications
Industrial standard communication protocols
Integration with major cloud platforms