Weintek Top Research & Development Team

Since the foundation of WEINTEK Research & Development (R&D) Center in year 2003, the center has become the engine that drives innovation. WEINTEK R&D Center, combining the most professional OS Team, Software Team, Hardware Team, Network Team, and Technical Support Team, is always aware of the market trends and enables Weintek to provide the most competitive products.

We never cease to break through the limit of HMI, and create the interface that seamlessly connects human and machine, which makes the operation extremely intuitive. “Perpetual research and development” is the motto that drives us towards sustainable development and helps us find power to aggressively improve the software and hardware technique, placing our HMI product on the leading edge in the market.

What does WEINTEK R&D Center do?

  1. EasyBuilder software development.
  2. Connectivity driver development.
  3. Network & Design development.
  4. Operation System development.
  5. Technical Service developement.