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cMTX Series
Fast x Smart x Reliable

Top of the Line Processor

Quad-core CPU boasts unparalleled computing power.
Smooth and Intuitive Operation Experience
Multi-touch gestures* and transition effects deliver a revolutionary operation experience.

Enhanced Web Features, Easy Configuration

Connect to the HMI’s EasyWeb 2.0 on a web browser to view historical data trends, check event logs, adjust settings and upgrade projects.

PLC Web Browser
PLC Web Brower*, which runs on cMT X HMI, allows setting and monitoring of PLCs or controllers by providing direct access to their webpages.

Multiple ways for Remote Monitoring

Pick the one that best suits you!
The Classic: VNC

Use VNC Viewer to monitor HMI screen
synchronously. The classic way.
The Convenient: WebView

Go app-less and monitor with a browser such as Chrome/Safari. Best in terms of cross-platform compatibility.
The Efficient: cMT Viewer

Monitor with very fast refresh rate using Weintek’s exclusive app. Apps run independently, perfect for multi-party cooperative monitoring.
Cloud Monitoring with Minimal Effort
Weincloud is a one-stop cloud monitoring service which consists of remote VPN connection
and data visualization dashboard. It helps managers to keep abreast of onsite device status,
while saving considerable costs in cloud development and implementation.

Bridging OT and IT Gaps

cMT X Series HMIs serve as the datacenters that integrate field data with
factory management systems in a safe and stable manner.
Database Integration*
Supports MySQL / MS SQL databases, flexibly
with either automatic data synchronization or
user-defined SQL commands
Protocol Integration*
Supports standardized protocols OPC UA
and Modbus TCP, facilitating integration
in IIoT networks.
Cloud Integration
Supports MQTT and provides an easy-to-use
interface for integration with major IoT cloud
platforms. A stable and reliable MQTT solution
can be had without self-hosting a server.
( AWS IoT、Microsoft Azure、Google Cloud、Alibaba Cloud )

Supports JavaScript, Creates Endless Possibilities

Developers can program JS objects in JavaScript that allow feature
customizations and connection to Web APIs to let the HMI find
applications in a wider variety of fields.
* The multi-touch gestures feature is only supported on capacitive type models: cMT3152X / cMT2166X / cMT3162X

* The PLC Web Brower, Database Server, OPC UA Server features are only supported on advanced models. For more information about the differences between standard and advanced models, please see