Product News

Product Introduction

Weintek is announcing the release of a new 4.3” model, MT8051iE, to continue addressing the demands for small-sized HMI against the backdrop of creaking global supply chains. MT8051iE features the exclusive beige and light gray color design of iE Series, and its small size and slim form factor make it well suited in any corner on site.

MT8051iE and MT8050iE have identical hardware and software specs. Additionally, in terms of project migration, converting an existing project is as simple as opening it in EasyBuilder Pro V6.06.02, so there is no need for project redesign. If you are looking for a small-sized HMI, MT8051iE is here for you.

Feature Highlights

  1. Exclusive beige and light gray color
  2. Slim and lightweight
  3. Water penetration resistance
  4. Industrial level protections: PCB coating and power isolation
  5. Excellent connectivity: Supports MPI and connectivity with 300+ drivers.