Product News

August 26, 2019

Product Introduction

Amid the rapid advancement of machine automation, motion control still remains one of the most important technologies; meanwhile, related products with different level of complexity have flooded the market. Having invested heavily in research for an easy-to-use, integrated motion control solution, Weintek now presents iR-PU01-P, a single axis motion control module. This new control module works with existing iR Series communication couplers to control step/servo motors, making it widely applicable for positioning control, packaging machines, measurement systems, printing machines, tension control, and conveyor systems.

With the release of iR-PU01-P, Weintek also provides a library of motion control function blocks for use in CODESYS. By connecting cMT HMI’s CODESYS with iR-COP+iR-PU01-P modules via CANopen, these motion control function blocks can be used to control the machines with ease. Based on PLCopen Motion Control and CiA402 standards, the motion control function blocks are easy to use and should greatly reduce learning and development time.



  • Choice of iR Series Communication Couplers
    All available iR communication couplers work with iR-PU01-P, with each iR Series communication couplers supporting up to 4 iR-PU01-P at a time.

  • Simplification by Motion Control Function Blocks
    Motion Control Function Blocks designed according to PLCopen Motion Control and CiA402 makes it extremely easy to give motion control commands. More complex applications can be handled by integration with other modules.

  • High Speed Pulse Output
    iR-PU01-P can output 2MHz pulses to control the connected servo/step motor. Output modes include CW/CCW pulse, pulse + direction, and differential output. Also, velocity control allows S-Curve and initial speed specification.

  • Three-phase Differential Input
    A/B/Z three phase differential input (2MHz) works with an encoder or a Manual Pulse Generator (MPG).

  • Digital I/O Availability
    This module is equipped with high-speed digital I/O that can realize applications requiring higher degree of immediacy. As an application example, input can be used with sensors for limit detection and homing, whereas output can be set as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or used for digital cam switch.