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With the rapid development of Industrial IoT, more devices, in particular those of traditional industrial control systems, are getting smart and connected. As it happens, communication security has quickly become a pressing issue.

To ensure user data security, Weintek HMIs provide encryption options for numerous applications that involve data communication, whether it is communication with another device, with hosts, with third-party cloud services, or with the Weincloud monitoring service.

Under Weintek’s encryption security, all packets transferred between two endpoints are encrypted, so valuable production data and recipes remain safe even if there should be interception or eavesdropping.

Now let’s review the encryption solutions currently implemented.


1. Communication in Data Integration

Many site-level communications such as HMI-HMI communication, OPC UA communication, FTP file transfer, and SQL database connection…etc., support encryption to ensure secure data transmission between HMIs or between HMI and host servers. The same applies to external connection, where MQTT communication also supports encryption for secure connection with third-party cloud platforms.

Communication in Data Integration


2. Weincloud - Cloud Monitoring Service

Weincloud uses rigorous TLS encryption to ensure communication security, whether it is for status monitoring on Dashboard, or program maintenance through EasyAccess 2.0. Beyond just the encryption, the Weincloud service has recently been tested and passed the comprehensive security assessment conducted by a third-party security lab, which is indicative of Weincloud’s maturity level in cybersecurity.

Weincloud Cloud Monitoring Service


3. Web Management/Maintenance

EasyWeb2.0, the web-based management interface for HMI, supports HTTPS which encrypts all web activities such as WebView monitoring, HMI project management, and data log / event log viewing. With HTTPS encryption, EasyWeb 2.0 can afford great convenience of web to users without compromising security.

Web Management/Maintenance

The above mentioned encryption features can be enabled in EasyBuilder Pro by following the steps below.

Weintek highly values user data privacy and security. In alignment with market demands, we strive to keep strengthening communication security to provide users with peace of mind in using our products.


Eligible Models:

  • cMT X Series


Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.07.01 or later