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Facing the IoT era, we are seeing a growing number of PLCs, controllers, and embedded devices supporting built-in web server, which allows users to adjust system parameters or monitor device status directly on its webpage. In response to this growth in web popularity, Weintek has added support for the PLC Web Browser feature in the new cMT X Series. PLC Web Browser provides HMI with a quick, convenient way to access the webpages and eliminates the need for a dedicated web browsing device, leading to not only an increase in operational efficiency but also cost saving.

PLC Web Browser Features

  • HTTPS, HTML5 Support

PLC Web Browser supports HTTPS and most HTML5 webpages.

  • Flexible Browsing Tool

PLC Web Browser provides browsing tool buttons such as previous / next page, zoom in / out, and return to homepage…etc. In addition, browser control is integrated with HMI, meaning that it is possible to implement features such as page navigation, URL bookmarking, instant URL update, or automatic page change…etc, through control by registers.

  • Customizable Execution Mode

PLC Web Browser, being a screen object, can be displayed and run along with other screen elements on HMI, but it can also be flexibly designed as a Kiosk mode (full screen) application in EasyBuilder Pro.

With PLC Web Browser feature, HMI is empowered with greater connectivity and plays an even more important role in an automated manufacturing system.