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Access to historical data is one of the most important aspects in smart system upgrade and integration. From data/trend analysis, process optimization, failure prediction, to preemptive maintenance, analytics relies on complete historical data availability before any meaningful decision can be made.

On the other hand, OPC UA which features platform independence, robust security and high scalability has stood out as a prominent choice for a standardized IIoT communication protocol, and given its importance in the field, Weintek continues to develop and add related feature support. From EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.02, OPC UA Historical Data Access (HDA) feature has been added, allowing OPC UA clients to access historical data in addition to real-time updates.

With OPC UA HDA that provides a unified standard for accessing historical data, differences in data format and access protocols among devices will no longer be an issue. Many should find that OPC UA HDA feature is a helpful asset that will facilitate their system integration tasks.

Products that support OPC UA server: selected cMT / cMT X models and cMT Gateway Series

Software that support OPC UA HDA: EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.02 or later