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64-bit Data Type Support

As digital technology evolves, 64 bit data type is becoming commonplace in automation control. Many systems nowadays, especially those requiring extremely high precision such as semiconductor cutting, glue dispensing, material moving applications ... etc., use 64 bit data type to achieve high-accuracy control as rounding errors due to insufficient precision can be avoided. 64 bit data type is also being adopted for storing very large values, as can be commonly seen in record keeping applications like machine timers or accumulative power consumption in smart meters.

Starting in EBPro V6.03.02, Weintek cMT Series HMI began to offer 64 bit data type support. 64 bit data types, whether signed integer, unsigned integer, or floating-point numbers, may now be directly displayed and accessed with screen objects. Additionally, 64 bit data type access is also supported in macro so that users will be able to process 64 bit data along with other data types with great flexibility. As 64 bit data type is used in quite a number of mainstream devices on the market: e.g., Beckhoff TwinCAT, CODESYS, MODBUS, Rockwell CompactLogix/ControlLogix, OMRON NJ/NX, Siemens S7-1200, cMT Series HMI now supporting 64 bit data type will help facilitate deeper integration with many of these systems on the market and find its place in a new world of applications.

Applicable models: cMT Series

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.03.02 or later

Note: Please refer to the user manual for limitations on the use of 64 bit data type.