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The design work of an HMI program often consists of a wide array of elements encompassing device communication, logic planning, data computation, screen presentation, user experience, or even the hottest topic nowadays: IIoT connectivity. The highly complex nature of it means that any one of the links in the chain going wrong may lead to unexpected results.

As convoluted as developing a project can be, diagnosing and troubleshooting usually take even more time and effort. But fortunately, cMT Diagnoser is coming to the rescue. Developed for quick diagnosis on cMT Series models, cMT Diagnoser will enhance project development efficiency by helping users easily gain an overview of device behavior and find the causes of error that occurs on a cMT Series HMI or Gateway.

Monitoring System Operation

When cMT Diagnoser connects to an HMI, it immediately begins to monitor data and status of all objects in the current window; also, it can command HMI screen to change to and monitor another page. Meanwhile, addresses not explicitly used in the project can be monitored in a separate Watch list, without having to modify the project itself.

                                                                                  Monitoring System Program

Monitoring Connected Devices

cMT Diagnoser can show not only the connection status with other devices, but also the status of individual communication packet. When communication errors occur, users can see them all at a glance.

                                                                                  Monitoring Connected Devices

Monitoring MQTT

When using MQTT, cMT Diagnoser can show communication status with MQTT server and operation logs. Details of each message published or subscribed, including its topic, size, time sent or received, and contents can be clearly seen using this tool.

                                                                                                      Monitoring MQTT

Whenever an unexpected is found on HMI, cMT Diagnoser will be there to help users quickly find the cause of errors and minimize the time needed for troubleshooting.

Applicable models: cMT Series models

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.03.02 or later