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Weintek always puts itself into customers’ shoes. So in order to improve the customer operation experience, Weintek keeps investing in development of more useful HMI functions for various scenarios. Recently in the HMI programming software EasyBuilder Pro, two convenient tools have been added: [Calendar] and [Calculator].



A customized calendar can be placed on an HMI screen for scheduling. The appearance of the calendar can be designed based on personal preferences or project requirement.

Different calendar styles



A calculator can be used for performing simple calculation on the HMI. The calculation results can be automatically brought into Numeric objects, so users no longer need to bother writing down the result and then entering it into the object. The calculator can do not only the simple arithmetic but also squares, square roots, etc. Additionally, memory functions such as MC, MR, M+, M- are also supported by the Calculator.


Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.02 or later