Weintek News
Affected HMI model: eMT3070A
Firmware version: 20130221
Reason for Update
Solved the problem when system color depth is 24-bit, HMI enters dead lock status if a large part of Numerical Data registered in one screen and value changes rapidly. Therefore the system color depth is changed back to 24-bit.
Download Link 
Firmware ver. 20130221 fw_emt37_20130221.zip
Update procedure eMT3070A_series_Firmware_Upgrade.pdf
Data Sheet
eMT3070A Data Sheet eMT3070A1_Datasheet.pdf
Release Note
1.Supports login from multiple VNC Client devices.
2.Supports rotating the screen by 180 degrees. To enable this function, please reboot HMI.
3.Supports reading data in USB disk or SD card inserted to HMI via FTP server.
4.Fixed the problem where using Arial font size 8, the text is incorrectly displayed on HMI.
EasyBuilder editing screen HMI display screen
5.Fixed the problem where using Set Word object and select [Press and hold increment (JOG++)] or [Press and hold decrement (JOG--)], the value stops changing for a moment during increment or decrement when press and hold the object.
6.Fixed the problem where data cannot be transmitted to HMI via FTP server on PC after downloading recipe file (recipe.rcp, recipe_a.rcp, recipe.db) by using Utility Manager.