Technology News
The current Weintek HMI’s COM LED color is red, which represents communication status and blinks during communication. The COM LED color will be changed from red to blue gradually in HMI models after February 2013.
Affected HMI models  
Series Types
i Series MT6050i / MT8050i / MT6070iH / MT8070iH / MT6100i / MT8100i / MT8104iH
eMT3000 Series eMT3070A / eMT3105P / eMT3120A / eMT3150A
MT600 Series MT607i / MT610i
eMT600 Series eMT607A / eMT610P / eMT612A / eMT615A
The blue COM LED will be applied on the listed HMI models gradually in delivery after mid-February of 2013.  
Before mid-February, 2013 After mid-February, 2013