Technology News
Weintek added some considerate designs in HMI programming software EasyBuilder Pro v1.1.0 (eMT3000 series) and EasyBuilder 8000 v4.6.0(MT8000/6000 series) as shown below:
1. More Functional Keyboard Design
Arrow Keys and Delete Key are provided for enabling more keyboard functions.
2. Clearer Labels
Label Library will display the used labels in red font for speedier checking.
3. Easy to Watch – Alarm (Event) Log
The number of Watch Addresses is increased from 4 to 8 for more flexible usage.
4. Easy to Observe Trend Curves
Via a control bit the display / hide of a specific trend channel can be easily adjusted.
5. Date Display Mode
Option List now includes new date display mode YYYY/MM/DD.
For more experience with new functions, welcome to download:

EasyBuilder Pro V1.1.0 20120510