Weintek News
eMT3000 Series Features:
1.    High efficiency 600/800 MHz microprocessor adopted. The outstanding processing ability speeds up data transmission between systems, and supports the display of vivid images and complicated animation. The switching of windows is smooth without delay.
2.  Aluminum enclosure with high rigidity and delicate design aesthetics is effectively anti-corrosion, dust and dirt free.
3.  The support of CANopen, BacNET/IP protocols, and MPI/PPI multi device connection makes eMT3000 Series HMI widely used in different professions. 
4.  24 VDC input and I/O ports with galvanic isolation strongly protect the electronic circuitry from interference.
Brand new EasyBuilder Pro screen editor software is not only easy to use and intuitive as it has been for 17 years, with the high performance of eMT3000 Series, more and more functionality of software together with high level hardware, the maximum value of the product can be created for users.
EasyBuilder Pro Features:
1. Enhanced account management tool offers up to 14 object access levels and 128 user accounts can be created. The management of user accounts and privilege setting can be more efficient and flexible. 
2. USB Security Key can be used for creating a temporary account in USB for part-time operator to login and operate HMI.
3. User-defined Macro Library allows users to create a library of frequently used macros to apply in different projects in order to shorten the time of project development.
4. EasyWatch helps users to monitor or set the address values of HMI and PLC for easier debugging, remote monitoring and controlling.
5. E-mail notification enables users to manage problem solving and real time data by receiving first hand alarm information and regular statistical information. 
6. Recipe objects with database format make it easy to check, search, and manage recipe information.
eMT3000 Series now offer 4 types for free selection:
    7”(eMT3070A)、 10”(eMT3105P) 、 12”(eMT3120A) and 15”(eMT3150A).