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MT8000/WT series products pursue high quality and stability; therefore the main boards of these series are coated. The coating is with anti-wetting and anti-corrosion properties required in chemical environment to make sure the delicate electronic parts are well protected.

 HMI Main Board Protection

Sulfur in the environment (such as heating rubber tires, O-Ring… and so on) will corrode the circuit board and main board and so will pickling and electroplating. MT8000/WT series products are added with a film coating to protect main board from being destroyed.

It is recommended to use a sealed electric cabinet for installing HMI in order to avoid the invasion of corrosive gas and to prolong the life span of HMI.

Some chemistry factories put nitrogen into electric cabinets so that the pressure inside the cabinet is a positive pressure for the prevention of explosion. For general factories, putting clean compressed air into electric cabinets also helps to maintain a positive pressure. (This also works for the cooling of HMI inside the electric cabinet.)


HMI Surface Cleaning

HMI surface can be cleaned by water when it is fixed in a smooth electric cabinet with mounting clip and packing. The overlay is attached to HMI using double-sided adhesive which is waterproof and anti-oil, however, in a long term, the grease stains still need to be cleaned. For big-sized HMI, since the cut-out is too big to smoothen the electric cabinet, HMI like MT8150X uses packing attached with double-sided adhesive to strengthen the tightness. In this case please change the packing (attached with double-sided adhesive) when removing HMI.

It is recommended to use neutral detergent to clean HMI surfaces. For food factories or chemistry factories, diluted alcohol (70%) will do and for chemistry factories, IPA is another choice.