Weintek News


In 1997, Weintek first compact-sized 5.7” display was presented to the public. Several
similar-sized displays had released one after another in few years, with continuous
improvement in the flexibility as well as the convenience of the usage. Ahead of the
profession, in 2006, we announced TFT LCD to overall replace STN LCD. No matter from the color saturation or from the brightness and contrast, TFT LCD has performed better than STN LCD. It brought about a big wind and caused the competitors to follow. In 2009, Weintek went beyond other brands again and released high resolution wide-viewing angel 7”HMI to the market. This time, not only domestic suppliers but also the first-tier international companies have designed the similar products to ours.

To meet the fact that Human Machine Interface has widely put in use in a variety of
applications recent years, this spring, Weintek completed an innovation: Aluminum housing WT3010 which can be in operations under harsher temperature range (-10C~55C).Over 14-year continuous improvement, pursuit and breakthrough, Weintek brand is gradually well-known, widely accepted and approved by industrial computing field internationally.

However, in the time of changing old model into new one, the efficiency is one of key issues customers take into consideration. As a result, even we have experienced many generation upgrades, the compatibility of each software version and the consistency of cutout dimension are two principals to which Weintek team closely lives up.

From 1997, the cutouts of Weintek’s 5.7”, 5.6” and 7”sized displays maintain 192x138. The insistence undoubtedly increases customers’ willing of HMI switchover and decreases the barriers and costs for machinery companies. No matter in terms of software feature or hardware specification, even cutout, with the competitiveness and influence on the market, Weintek’s HMI is like a leading indicator for the profession (such as Siemens) to keep up with.

Technology progresses with each passing day while global market never ceases changing. ” Pursuit stability under improvement; Insist Principle under changing.” are promises Weintek gives. And 192x138: is the best evidence to prove the truth.