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                       Cyrillic ASCII2UNICODE Character Display

According to the Unicode included in Character Map, the ASCII string of PLC can be transformed to Unicode using Macro and be displayed on screen.

[Applies to]
  • Cyrillic Language
  • Turkish
  • European Languages

The corresponding Unicode can be found in Macro.

As shown below, Ђ is mapped to U+0402(0x80) in Character Map.
U+0402 is UNICODE
(0x80) is ASCII

If there's a Macro statement such as UNICODE[128]=0X0402, ASCII Display object will display Ђ on HMI.

  • The window 11 in demo project lists the Cyrillic characters, in this way the font can be downlaoded together with project to HMI.
  • For ASCII Display, "Use UNICODE" must be ticked to correctly display.

Welcome to download the demo project and EasyBuilder Pro