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MT8000X Present Real-time Video Input Function
MT8000X series provide Video Input function. Users can install surveillance camera, then monitor the factory any time they want. The video images can also be stored in devices and play them with Media Player, or analyze them on PC.
This function can be utilized in different aspects. Apart from monitoring factory, it can also be used in driving device or Building Automation monitoring.
For hardware, MT8000X series provide 2 channels for Video Input. Users can freely switch channels to monitor, and capture images without being influenced when pause playing. The captured images will still be real-time external image input. The supported formats are NTSC and PAL.
Ø          Real-time Video
a.    Play real-time video.
b.    Stop playing real-time video.
c.    Switch video input channel.
d.    Close real-time video displaying window, but still capturing real-time video image.
Ø          Image Capturing
a.  Set the total time length of images to be captured.
b.  Capture one image each second.
c.  The file name of captured image file will clearly label the current image of the moment when start capturing.
Ø          Storage
a.  SD card
b.  USB1
c.   USB2