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EPSON TM-L90 Thermal Printer
EB8000 V4.10 brings you EPSON TM L-90 Printer Driver for easier usage. When users connect this printer with Weintek MT8000/6000 series HMI, no matter printing screen, label, or barcode, it ensures users a more efficient and carefree feeling that changes everything.
The advantages of using EPSON TM-L90 Thermal Printer:
High Speed
The exquisite streamlined appearance makes this revolutionary printer the leading model nowadays. With the advanced KNOW HOW of EPSON, when users connect this printer with Weintek MT 8000/6000 series HMI, the highest printing speed can reach 150mm/sec that sure meets the demand for efficiency in this century.
Label Printing
Using label with barcode or any other information needed is now the fastest way applied in different kinds of occupation or business, such as post office, ticket selling, express, or storehouse. Users can build the information needed in EB8000 window then print it out with EPSON TM-90 to run the enterprise easy and speedy.
All-Round Paper-Handling
All-round paper-handling versatility makes paper rolls handling so relaxing to do. Auto-Cut device makes every piece of paper goes to your hand perfect.

How to Create Project in EB8000
Firstly, users shall select printer driver in EB8000 [Edit] / [System Parameter Settings] / [Model]. Correctly filling in the communication parameters and settings of [Printer] is important.
After finish setting, users can edit the information in the window, such as barcode or label.

When finish editing, [function key] and [PLC control] objects can be designed to trigger screen printing.